A brief history

Jews Of The Earth (JOTE) was formed at the end of 1999. It was extremely active until about 2005. For a list of past activities see: “Previous Events”. JOTE has been mostly dormant since then. Rabbi Rain Zohav has recently taken the helm as our Executive Director. Although she is based in Maryland, and will be focusing some of her activities there she wishes to make JOTE more of a national resource than only a local group.

JOTE Board members

Dan Ziskin, founder and board president, earned a PhD in physics with a dissertation on clouds and climate change. He was active with Shomrei Adamah while living in Washington, DC. He is currently working 1/2 time for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and has co-founded The Natural Funeral, Co-Founder, Green Funeral Home, Boulder, CO

David Crawford, animal rights activist,Animal Help Now

David Hersh, owner/operator, A Healthy Home, providing completely organic removal of dust mites and bed bugs

Sarah Lanzman, Organic chef and nutritionist, owner/ host of Bliss Point Farm and Bed and Breakfast

Bruce Novak, author, Teaching Literacy for Love and Wisdom: Being the Book and Being the Change (with Jeffrey D. Wilhelm)

Advisory Council

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Advocate for the Healthy Green Maryland Constitutional Amendment

Merav Cohen, environmental activist, manager, Hazon Seal of Sustainability

Rabbi Ilan Glazer, past lead educator, Teva Institute

Pam Sherman, President of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Native Plant Society and state board member, works with ecosystem and agro-ecology stewardship and education and researches Jewish and other traditional cultural and spiritual approaches

Nancy Wallace, Co-chair, Montgomery County Green Party (MD)