Daniel Ziskin cleans up Goose Creek

You are invited to a STREAM CLEANUP as part of your new year preparations.

Daniel Ziskin says:

“One of my practices during this time of year is to make Tsuvah (atonement) in my relationships and with the Earth. I’m organizing a stream cleanup to help this process along.”

  • WHEN: Wednesday Sept 28, 2011 at 10am.
  • WHERE: GOOSE CREEK GREENWAY at 30th & Mapleton (behind Vitamin Cottage).
  • WHO: Anybody who feels like they haven’t been in perfect balance with the Earth this past year. This event is in the bike path along the creek and safe for kids.
  • WHAT: We will spend about an hour picking up trash. I will provide bags, pickup sticks, gloves, safety vests, and walkie-talkies. A funny skit will be performed if there’s interest.
  • MORE INFO: Call Daniel Ziskin at 303-499-1209 or