Jews Of The Earth Launch Renewal Energy Campaign

“The most pressing moral issue of our day is preserving the earth” writes, Rabbi Rain Zohav, Executive Director of Jews for the Earth. And if we do not stop the acceleration of climate change every single other issue we care about will get worse. This is why we are undertaking a major campaign to start with Jewish institutions and their members to reduce their carbon imprint by switching to renewable energy. There are many other steps we can take and need to take, but we are starting with this one, as some congregations are already leading the way in this endeavor and can coach those who want to join in.
Here is a list of those congregations:

Here is an article that lays out some other steps and some of the Biblical teachings that inform all of our work:

If you would like to support our endeavors, join as an individual and encourage your synagogues or JCC to join as an institution here:
Start the conversation in your Jewish setting, contact our list of mentors or our office at : 240- 620 -2923.
We must take action now!